Products for a Purpose

Sarah Spoor, a photographer and lifelong softy for animals in need, felt drawn to “do good” in 2022 and launched Roam the Range, a western lifestyle brand. She turned her passion for photography into her purpose and has raised over $100,000 so far. Sarah is the mother of four, wife, photographer, entrepreneur, and is passionate about giving animals a second chance at life and love.

All net proceeds from the sale of any product go to horse and donkey rescues and the plight of our wild mustangs.

SBKLiving's Picks


Buffy is an orphan who lives at the ASIAB rescue with her 6 doggy brothers and sisters. She spends her days being spoiled and rubbed, bottle-fed, and racing through her backyard (and sometimes inside the house). She is one of the little miracles of the rescue. Make any room even sweeter with this face.

Leave Her Wild

There is something about the west. Kasey moved to Idaho five years ago and even named her son, West. Days are spent driving through the windy backroads, hiking through golden mountains, and walking down dusty roads. Style this piece in a living room, bedroom or any space where you want to feel wild and free.

The more products we sell, the more animals we can save.